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What is a Probus Club

Probus Clubs provide the opportunity for members to meet regularly without pressure and with minimum cost to enjoy fellowship, develop friendships and to socialise with like-minded fellow members. The Club is purely for social enjoyment and does not take part in any fund raising activities.


The Rock Community Church

Who Can Be a Member

The name PROBUS is derived from the first three letters of the words PROfessional and BUSiness. Club membership Is open to retired or semi-retired professional or business men and women.


The Moonraker Club

The first Probus Club in Devizes was formed in 1972. It meets regularly in the Crown Centre which is adjacent to the Market Place. The size of the meeting room limits the number of members who can attend to about 60. Because of the popularity of the Club and its long waiting list, it was decided to set up a second Club and so the Moonraker Club was formed in February 2006.


What Does The Club Do

The Moonraker Club currently meets in Rock Community Church on the first Thursday in the month. Meetings start at 10:00 a.m. with coffee/tea and biscuits and informal chat and is followed by a more formal lecture or discussion which winds up at about noon. Activities are arranged at the request or suggestion of members. Because the Club is still evolving you can have an input into its future direction.

What Do I Do Next 

If the Club seems of interest to you the best thing to do is to contact one of the following members:

Peter Tompkins 01249 818920  or Tony Kershaw 01380 850935

Alternatively, come along free to one of the monthly meetings and see whether the Club is ‘for you’ before you decide to join. Our aim is to keep costs low and so we have an annual subscription of only £20 which is used to cover room hire and speaker expenses.