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Nov 2011 Vulcan Navigator in the Sixties John Weller
April 2011 Wiltshire Farm Foods Sue Hunt

Nov 2011 - Vulcan Navigator in the Sixties

At the November meeting John Weller, ex RAF, gave a fascinating illustrated talk on his experiences as navigator in a Vulcan Bomber in the sixties. He described his training and the functions of a navigator as well as the purpose of the highly specialized operation of the V-bomber force which was maintained for immediate action in the case of nuclear war.

He reviewed the development of the Vulcan bomber, ending with an aircraft that could fly at almost supersonic speed and at altitudes approaching 60,000 ft. and which had a conventional payload of 21 x 1000lb, as well as bombs with nuclear warheads. 

His RAF service covered most areas of the world and involved rigorous training to cope with complex navigation equipment and with both the technicalities and space limitations of highly complex functions at high altitudes and consequent low temperatures.

He described the routine for immediate action and stand-by periods and the immense support teams required to keep a relatively small number of specialized aircraft at 100% readiness. The rapport and interdependence of  crew members and their attitude to an aircraft which by its unique appearance captured great public affection was apparent throughout his talk. 

There was an active discussion following his talk.

April 2011 - Wiltshire Farm Foods

Sue Hunt of Wiltshire Farm Foods gave an amusing illustrated talk on the history and activities of the company which supplies  frozen ready meals to over 200,000 customers throughout the UK.- around one million meals a week

Operating via franchises from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye, Wiltshire Farm Foods was started in Trowbridge by the Waldens in1992 and purchased by Apetito in 1995.

Wiltshire Farm Foods specializes in delivering pre-ordered frozen ready meals to the doors or fridges of its customers  who are typically over 70 years old .In addition the company supply hospitals, day centres, social services, clubs etc.

Meals specially prepared to comply with special dietary options including vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free, dairy free, low fat, and are supplied with full nutritional information. Asian, Halal, and Kosher meals are included in the over 220 different meals. Special attention has been paid to maintaining high nutritional values, the elimination of preservatives and colour additives and minimising sugar contents.

After the presentation a number of  questions dealing with the 7 days a week, free delivery service  a number of delicious main and sweet dishes were sampled by members.